Prospective Members

New Member Required Training

If you would like information on how to become an EMT please visit 

In addition to having an EMT Certification all members are required to have the following
- ICS 100 (one time class)
- ICS 700 (one time class)
- CBRNE (one time class)
- Do No Harm (required for recertification)
- Haz-Mat Awareness (one time class)
- N95 Mask fitting (yearly)
- CEVO (one time class)

All these courses are offered at the county level and some may be offered in house.  Please send an email to if you have interest or need assistance in signing up. 

New Membership

Attention new members.  If would like to become a member you must do the following.
  • Be at least 16 years of age and be in good health 
  • Download and fill out a membership packet (can be found in the Forms and Documents link)
  • Get 3 references and attach them to the completed application
  • Bring the packet to the building for a business meeting (dates can be found on the Event Calendar)
  • Have time in your schedule to ride the ambulance at least once a week and one weekend a month. 

Existing Members

If you need to Re-Cert Please visit 

If you need to view your current CEUs your transcript can be found at